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Only Trump can tell our leaders truth – Clergy

By Chinedu Adonu

ENUGU – PRESIDENT of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump, has been commended for his frank but now infamous jibe where he was reported to have said that African countries including Nigeria are “Shithole countries”.

The General Overseer and Founder of The Voice of Freedom Fellowship International, Pastor Polycarp Ugwu, gave the commendation during church service in Enugu.

According to the Priest, “Donald Trump was the only leader who could tell African leaders the bitter truth as he does not care about political correctness.”

He stated that these African leaders have for ages squandered the wealth of the continent through carelessness, corruption and lack of good leadership which makes Mr Trump’s outburst commendable and in the best interest of Africa.

“Trump has told us the truth and instead of crying over it or telling him to apologize, we should look at ourselves and tell ourselves the truth. Are we not worse than Trump’s assessment?, he queried.

Pastor Ugwu who spoke on the topic, Wisdom for Enlargement, and read from Matthew 25: 14 – 18 equally lashed out at Nigerian leaders for wasting the abundant resources which God has blessed the nation with.

“When God talked about a land flowing with milk and honey, I think he was referring to Nigeria. This is because in this nation, we have resources in abundance but what has our leaders done with these things?

“Look at Britain, Dubai and Singapore and others that have nothing and see how backwards we are as a nation. Do you know the number of mineral deposits in Ebonyi, Enugu, North Central and all over Nigeria? Everybody wants to escape to the US and other nations because our own nation is truly a sh*thole country.

“We have wasted what we have, we have wasted our resources because we don’t plan. We don’t think like human being, we don’t think like White men who plan for 200 years.”, he said

He, therefore, called on Christian faithful to avoid the life of waste urging them to appreciate and make use of the little God has given them instead of crying over what they do not have.